Here is one of my first "complete" games: the very classical Arkanoid! It's a simple block breaker. I tried to copy the 10 first level of the original one (from memory... I played it on MO5 25 years ago! (Yes, I was already a nerd at 8...). This download should work on Windows and Linux, but you may need to install GLUT.

If you're kind of a hacker, you can add levels, because they are saved as Bitmaps files (24 bits) in the directory "niveaux". The easiest way is to start from the "template.bmp" file. There is one color per brick; white is for indestructible bricks and grey is for 3 touch bricks.

For the install, you have to download and unzip the compressed ZIP file. For windows, just launch "arkanoid.exe" and for linux, "arkanoid". You may have to install GLUT on linux.

Regarding the controls: use the mouse to move, left click for lasers when you have them. I think the difficulty is not well balanced, especially because of a pretty powerful option. Just try it!

Some screens from the game.