World of Ninjas



World of Ninjas is a hardcore stealth game that I created in 2 weeks, when I was tired of working on "A Thief Melody". In each level, your goal is to get 1 or more swords and get out in one piece. All environments can be destroyed, and guard are very reactive.

The game is made with Unity in C# and allowed me to work on 2 main points:

  • enemy behaviour and the field of view management
  • real-time pathfinding in destuctible environments

A few screens from the game.


  • Arrows or [zqsd]: move the character
  • Space : secondary weapon menu
  • Mouse wheel: zoom
  • Left click: sword
  • Right click: secondary weapon / throw a picked up object
  • Middle click: pick up a body or an object.

Level editor

The game has 10 levels, but you can add some with Paint or any simple painting program. Indeed, every level is saved as a PNG file with a precise color code for each gameplay element:

  • Use Paint or whatever image software you like to create a PNG file with a black background in the "Levels" directory. Levels don't need to be huge to be fun; 100x100px is already enough, but you can create whatever size you want.
  • Blue (0,0,255): player (it's the minimum requirement for a level to be playable)
  • Red (255,0,0): enemy. Don't put too much of them, it can slow down the game, but it depends on the power of your computer...
  • Yellow (255,255,0): path for the enemies. An enemy will follow a path if he's just NEXT TO a yellow pixel. You can use a single yellow pixel to make an enemy move to it an look in that direction.
  • Grey (128,128,128): wall
  • White (255,255,255): goal (sword). You can set multiple goals if you want
  • Purple 1 (255,0,255) : life bonus
  • Purple 2 (255,64,255) : ammo bonus
  • Purple 3 (255,128,255) : bomb bonus
  • Purple 4 (255,192,255): mine bonus
  • Green (0,255,128): a cherry tree:)
Don't hesitate to check out the available levels to get an idea of the color use. Be careful, you need to use the exact color codes (R,G,B) described above.