Chameleon Indie Dev & Technical Artist

For music composition, I tend to mix orchestral, pop/rock and world music vibes. I work with LMMS, Ardour, Audacity and various soundfonts, virtual synthetisers and VST plugins. I always try to picture on which game environment or for which character the music will be played and I try to magnify its message.

Below you can find a few samples of my music.

Slide Menu

The menu track from Slide. I wanted something light, with still some rhythm and some world music notes to spark the imagination: ukulele, shakers, steel drums and flute answer each other and bring life to this invitation to a peaceful journey. Funky bass and warm percussions add some more pleasing dance vibes to this song.

Eternal Snow

The theme song of the Eternal Snow race track in Slide. Strings offer both some intimist christmas-y vibes and some more epic accents when the powerful rock kicks in, surrounded by chimes and harp warm responses.

The Great Ride

A music playing while you ride your turtle through the Great Sea of A Thief's Melody; a sense of speed, a light inviting melody with a contrasting response of warm yet peaceful voices wrapped up in deep cello vibes. I wanted the player to experience an urge to discovery while still feeling the calm and hugeness of the restful mirroring waters.

The Guardian

This is a Boss theme from a Thief's Melody. I wanted to convey some epic feeling while mixing orchestral & rock instruments. I'm not happy yet with the mixing and the song evolution could offer more variations, but the big idea is here.