A Thief's Melody is a 3D cartoon adventure/stealth game with a contemplative atmosphere. It's a tribute to old adventure games like "Beyond Good & Evil" and "Zelda Windwaker"; it features exploration, dialogs, fights, puzzles, collectibles and huge Boss battles...       [ Read More ]
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In an ocean-covered world, play a young thief studying at the Thief Guild.
Learn various skills: climbing, stealth, fight, bow, bombs, grapple and much more !
Confront or avoid pirates, guards and robots
Freely explore a cartoon open world
Collect gemstones, paintings and flowers
Cure ill animals all over the world
Defy giant Guardians during epic battles
  Save the world
  Be a true hero
 Help your sister

Well, you have to start somewhere...
Oh, yeah! And ride a cool turtle...
Isn't it cute?


The game is currently under heavy development and still needs a lot of work. I work alone on this, that's why it takes so long... However you can already test the Alpha Demo. The final game will feature between 5 and 10 hours of gameplay and will be available on Steam (at least). At the moment, I target a release for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The game will be at least playable in French, English and Spanish.

If you want to know more about technical stuff, please visit my Dev Blog.

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You want to help?

There are plenty of ways to help me finish the game and make it cool:

1 — Follow & share

First, you can follow me on various social networks and share the news:

Then, you can talk about the game to your friends and family. Hopefully, all of this will make more people interested and I'll have more feedbacks, and maybe more financial support too.

2 — Buy me coffees*

If you're the kind who can afford to financially support artistic creation, then feel free to give me 1$ or 2$ per month via Patreon. Of course you can give more if you want ;) For those of you who don't know, Patreon is a website where you can support many creators (youtubers, musicians, artists, comics authors...) by giving them money regularly. There is absolutely no obligation, and you can stop at any moment. Depending on how much you give, you get various rewards.

Even a single dollar helps me go further in the development. If I have enough support I'll be able to keep working full-time on the game, and maybe hire a few people to help me to finish the game faster.

* OK, technically, I don't drink coffee, but you get the idea...


"More fun than Assassin's Creed !" — Invader01

"That guy's right! It's better than Assassin's Creed !" — Anonymous

"Definitely The best indie game I've played in years" — Darajdar

"Fukin awesome! i shall await this game" — The Connoisseur

"For some reason I really liked the ambience of the game, felt peaceful ^^ " — Mr Shooty

"I feel as though im looking at an oldschool MMORPG. it's odd, yet strangely comforting." — Swollen_Beef

"No thanks." — Hezekiah-angel (*)

(*) You didn't expect everyone to like it, did you?

Thanks to everyone who took the time to drop me a comment. You guys rock.


Hi there! I'm Mat and I've been creating video games since I was a child. I love science, playing music and drawing. So what's better than creating a video game to do all of this at the same time? That's why I started working on "A Thief's Melody" in 2013. I do everything alone because I love every part of it and I'm a curious guy who likes to know how it works!

If you're interested in my other projets or my art stuff, check out my portfolio or these places:

You can reach me at contact at oneiricworlds dot com


WHAT? Creating a Zelda-like video game alone? Are you insane?

Yes I am, but I wasn't aware of it at the beginning. And, my game is not as huge as a Zelda anyway...

It will take you years!

It already has :) But I'm a patient guy. Oh, and by the way, this is not a question.

Geek time! What are your softwares?

How did you learn?

Short answer: Try. Improve. Repeat.

More in details, I started when I was 6. Back then, there wasn't internet everywhere, so I taught myself coding by reading books. I took drawing and drumming classes, and I never stopped practicing. I was never awesome, but I kept doing it. I learnt a lot of things alone, just by practicing, but I also learnt a lot of things at school, especially maths and physics.

When will the game be released?

Maybe in 2019? Actually, it depends a lot on how much financial support I can get... Because if I don't have enough money to work full time on it, I'll need more time to finish it.

Will you add multiplayer support?

No. I plan to do a "classical / old-school" solo adventure game. But if you want, you can play with friends watching and helping you, and you can share a pizza, just like good ol' days ;) But maybe some of my next games will be multiplayer.

Will the game be released on tablets/mobiles?

No. The gameplay & controls are thought for mouse/keyboard or joypad controllers. It will be too much work to re-design the entire controls. Plus tablets are not powerful enough to run the game (at least for now).

Will the game be released on consoles?

Maybe. It depends if the game has enough success on PCs and Macs. If this is the case, I may do a port to consoles. The controls are already almost console-compatible, so it will "only" be a matter of optimisation and adaptation to console architecture (which is still a huge work).

Can I make a let's play or a youtube/twitch video of your game?

Sure! Please send me the link to your video when it's online! So that I can see what went wrong in the game, and I can fix the problems. Oh, and if you can put a link to my website somewhere in the description (http://www.oneiricworlds.com), it's nice!

Did you make other games?

Yes! Tons... but most of them are not finished and not very playable. But I have a few "almost finished" ones that you can download for free on my portfolio. Beware, they are excessively simple games, with almost no docs and no support. Actually, I made them to train myself.

What will you do after "A Thief's Melody"?

Take holidays ;) More seriously, I have plenty of other cool game projects (just like anybody I guess). So many that I already know that my whole lifetime won't be enough to make all of them. So if the game have enough success and that I have enough money, I'll keep on creating video games! Mmmm... Wait... Actually, I think I'll always try to create video games, even if the game fails and I don't have enough money. This is just what I do. The only difference is that I'll need more time :p

Thanks for reading all this :)

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